Academic Advising and Retention Services (AARS)

Frequently used AARS forms, 

  • Late Course Drop 
  • Withdrawal 
  • Excess Units 

To view these and other AARS forms/petitions, please visit the AARS Petitions page for more information.


Graduate Admissions Program Evaluations 

Frequently used GAPE forms,

  • Application for a Change of Graduate Major  
  • Change of Classification in Master's Program
  • Graduate Petition for Course Drop/Semester Withdrawal 
  • Graduate Petition for Excess Units

To view these and other GAPE forms/petitions, please visit the  GAPE Forms  page for more information.


Undergraduate Education

Frequently used Graduate and Undergraduate forms, 

  • Petition to enroll in SJSU Studies with less than 60 units
  • Petition to Permit Open University Coursework to Satisfy Graduation Requirements
  • Physical Education Requirements 

To view these and other Undergraduate education forms/petitions please visit theUndergraduate Education Petitions page for more information.


Office of the Registrar

Frequently used Registrar forms, 

  • Change of Major/Minor (Fewer than 90 units)&(Over 90 units)
  • FERPA Authorization Release Form 
  • Graduation Application 
  • Leave Request 

To view these and other Registrar's forms/petitions visit the  Office of the Registrar's Forms page for more information.