Internal Grievance Process

AEC Policy Manual [pdf]

Internal Student Grievance Procedures

Faculty, staff or students with questions, concerns or disagreements regarding a prescribed accommodation(s) should schedule an appointment to talk with an AEC professional staff memeber to discuss the concern to resolve the matter as expeditiously as possible.

Students with disabilities who believe there has been a violation of the regulations governing the University as they apply to providing accommodations for courses affiliated with San José State have the right to file a grievance.  The grievance procedures pertain to situations where a student has made a request for an accommodation on the basis of a disability, either to an individual faculty member, a department (academic or administrative[1]) or the AEC, and has been denied. 

Students should make a reasonable, good-faith attempt to resolve the complaint on an informal basis following the Student Grievance Procedures in accordance with Presidential Directive 97-03, Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

The grievance procedures do not apply to allegations based on events which occurred more than 180 calendar days prior to the date the complaint was filed.

Questions to Consider Before Filing a Grievance

In reviewing denials to accommodation requests, the University considers the following questions:

  1. Does the student have a disability?
  2. Is the student “otherwise qualified?
  3. Did the student request the accommodation?
  4. Was the request submitted in a timely manner and consistent with established University policies on accommodations?
  5. Is the request reasonable or readily achievable?
  6. Is the nature of the curriculum, program or activity fundamentally maintained by the provision of the accommodation?
  7. Does the provision of the accommodation fundamentally alter the curriculum, program, or activity?
  8. Does the provision of the accommodation present a reasonable financial or administrative cost to the University or does it present an undue burden?

Denials of Requests for Non-Academic/Non-Instructional Accommodations (e.g., parking, housing) will be handled through the individual department's grievance procedures; students are encouraged to work with a AEC counselor to assist them through the process.

AEC Student Grievance Procedures Chart [pdf]