Alternative Formats

The Center for Accessible Technology (CAT) produces alternative formats for curriculum requirements only and formats are determined by individual student need and the ability to provide the curriculum material in the desired format. Possible alternative media formats include Braille, e-text (electronic text), and large print. 

Students with prescribed alternative formats for curriculum material must schedule a meeting with our staff at our Center for Accessible Technology (CAT) to receive alternative format training. Students can schedule their training by using the Accessible Technology& Alternative Format Training calander. Appointment must be scheduled with an SJSU email. Appointment must show your first and last name. Appointments made with non-SJSU emails will be cancelled. 

While returning students may bypass this step in the semesters that follow their initial CAT training. Returning students in need of follow up from CAT can visit our appointment page to schedule a meeting. 

Students utilizing CAT's alternative formats services can view FAQ for steps on requesting and using alternative formats. Students can visit the AEC's E-Agreements to view CAT Alternative Format Contract.