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SJSU is re-envisioning its Campus Master Plan across all campus locations. It’s a process that occurs every few decades, so we invite you to contribute! Join us to explore the options for future campus development through the year 2040. See how community goals and anticipated changes would rebuild and renew the Main Campus and the greater SJSU community. The Campus Master Plan guides a strategy for future growth applicable to campus land use and building, the public realm, mobility, and infrastructure.

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Campus Master Plan Public Meetings

As the Campus Master Plan progresses, public meetings will be held with options to join in-person and remotely. Visit the public meetings calendar.

Past Events

Spring 2023: Public Scoping Meeting

Spring 2022: Outreach Events

Over the Spring 2022 Semester, the Campus Master Plan team held three town halls, two themed workshops open to the campus community, and focus groups about the Framework for the Campus Master Plan. An online feedback forum for feedback was open from April 1 through May 31st. View the ideas and feedback collected in the Spring 2022 Community Outreach Summary.

Fall 2021: Open House Summary

This Fall, there were several opportunities for the community to explore and provide feedback through our Campus Master Plan Open House events, which included: an online Open House that was available 24/7 from September 22 through November 5, 2021; live, virtual Open House Meetings that occurred on October 4, 13, and 20, 2021; and an in-person Campus Master Plan Open House on October 28, 2021 in the Student Union. See what was suggested in the Fall 2021 Community Outreach summary.

View Presentation Slides from the Open Houses


Town and Gown in San José

On November 1, stakeholders from SJSU, SPUR, San José City Council, San José Department of Planning, and the San José Downtown Association convened for an hour-long dialogue about cultivating a more robust relationship between San José and the university, and spurring further economic and cultural activity in the downtown and beyond.


Spring 2021: Open House Summary

The Campus Master Plan Team held a Virtual Open House from February 20 through March 31st to collect feedback on what to address in the campus Master Plan. The Open House included a website for online feedback and five Open House Meetings for live discussion.

Read the Open House Summary to learn more.

Educational Opportunities

Over the span of the project, faculty will be using the Campus Master Plan as a teaching tool in related courses. The Campus Master Plan is a special opportunity to closely examine the built environment and the campus context, for which there are teachable skills that apply. The team has begun to work with faculty from Urban and Regional Planning, the Design Department, CommUniverCity, Transportation Management, Environmental Studies, and more. 

URBP 225/URBP 136/ENVS 136 Project (Spring 2021)

The land use planning students in URBP 225 and URBP 136/ENVS 136 explored five scenarios for accommodating additional enrollment at San José State University as it looks out twenty years.  

URBP 279 Advanced GIS Project (Fall 2020)

The Advanced GIS class, taught by Professor Rick Kos, prepared a report about mobility for the Campus Master Plan team as a class project.