Photography & Video

For those creating imagery and producing videos, our visual style is intended to help our audiences see multiple viewpoints, intellectually, culturally and spatially.

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Photography Style

Imagery should tell the story at a glance and convey the movement of a dynamic educational environment that is nestled in a city at the heart of a global destination. 

To visually capture the story of San José State, here are three points of view:


Portraits show the individual's experience and what makes each person unique — which drives impactful storytelling.

SJSU members posing in different environments.


These images capture people in action, immersing the viewer in the scene and the experience you want to create for them.

Various motion shots of people on campus.


These aerial images show SJSU at the center of a vibrant city in the heart of Silicon Valley, surrounded by the arts, technology, business, mountains, ocean and blue skies.

Aerial shots of campus and around San Jose.

SJSU Photography Library

San José State has a collection of imagery that is accessible for all employees through their university login credentials at

Browse folders and galleries to locate photography or search by keywords using our index of search terms to help you search and find what you're looking for.

Dashboard of SJSU's photoshelter library.

Photography Request Form

If you are not able to find specific photography, submit a photography service request form to request what you need.

Request Photo Service


Photos are not to be used by any company or organization outside of SJSU without first obtaining permission from Strategic Communications and Marketing. All rights are reserved and photo assets are the copyright of SJSU.

Approved vendors, freelancers and contractors must fill out a contact form to gain access to the photography library. Please make sure to indicate your point of contact at San José State University, provide some details to the project you are working on, and specify the images you are looking for.

NOTE: It is never appropriate — or legal — to use an image from another source in print, on the web or on social media without obtaining permission from the image’s owner. 

External Photography Requests

External media outlets, businesses and others may request permission to use photos. If you are contacted by an outside organization for photos or you wish to obtain permission to send photos to an organization outside of SJSU, please contact UMC at Once approved, photos should include proper credit ("Photographer's name/San José State University").

SJSU Video Style

Video gives us the opportunity to tell our stories and show how SJSU cultivates transformation, while also inspiring others to transform themselves through a San José State education.

SJSU videos embody a clear message, free of distraction and include only essential content. They align with the university’s personality and brand pillars and support our mission, values and priorities. That’s why we use original, bold and high quality videography and employ visual simplicity to create compelling, emotional and meaningful messages of the SJSU brand.

Check out SJSU's Transformation and Impact video:

Additional examples:

Work With SJSU Creative Team

SJSU connects worlds of research, academia and campus life with our local community and business partners through the creation of video experiences that inspire, educate and engage.

Our visual creative services include:

  • Guidance with video production and branding
  • Assistance with budgeting and equipment rental
  • Providing visual resources such as motion graphics and b-roll
  • Creating a talent/casting directory
  • Developing a location catalog

Common types of video:

  • Instructional/educational Marketing
  • News/informational
  • Event coverage

Visual/Audio Release Form

If you're taking or using photos or video at a San José State event or activity, you'll need to have all of your subjects fill out a CSU Visual/Audio Image Release form [pdf].