Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism-prevention service created by iParadigms, LLC.

Essays written by students are submitted to Turnitin, which checks the documents for unoriginal content. The results can be used to identify similarities to existing sources or can be used in formative assessment to help students learn how to avoid plagiarism and improve their writing.

Our Learning Management System, Canvas, has Turnitin integrated inside it.

The Turnitin website has additional resources, such as White Papers, Webcasts, Research, and Blogs that showcases the features and potential of this software. Visit the Turnitin Resource Webpage to access these resources.

There are two options to use Turnitin:

Option 1: Enabling the Turnitin Online option 

  • You can enable Turnitin in the editing options while selecting the Online option under the submission type for an assignment. In this option, you can see the Originality Check and use GradeMark.


Submitting the Assignment and Viewing the Similarity Report [pdf]

Turnitin Submission Video Guide


Enabling Turnitin in Assignments Guide [pdf] 

View and Comment Turnitin Submissions [pdf]

Option 2: Using the Turnitin External Tool

  • You can enable Turnitin in the editing options when selecting the External Tool option under the Submission type for an assignment. In this option, you can see the Originality Check, use GradeMark, PeerMark, Grade Anything, and the ETS® e-rater® technology.  


Submitting the Assignment with Turnitin LTI [pdf]

Viewing the Originality Score and GradeMark [pdf]

Turnitin Assignment Dashboard [pdf]

Writing a PeerMark Review

Video Tutorial: 

Submitting an assignment using Turnitin LTI


How to Integrate Turnitin LTI with Canvas [pdf]

How to Adjust Turnitin Assignment Settings for Storing Papers [pdf]

Turnitin Assignment Inbox

PeerMark Assignments

How to Attach a Canvas Rubric to a Turnitin LTI Assignment

Video Tutorial:

How to Integrate Turnitin External Tool with Canvas


Please contact ecampus@sjsu.edu for further information.

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