Canvas Tips and Tricks

1) Chrome is the most stable browser for SpeedGrader, with the voice-to-text feature to turn your spoken comments into text comments.

2) Mute the assignments before grading and unmute after the grading to let students learn the grades all at once.

3) Use Turnitin LTI option as Turnitin is phasing out the older Turnitin integration method.

4) You can weight the final course grade based on assignment groups

5) Reorder and hide course navigation links that are redundant or not used

6) Use Student View to see how your students view assignments, discussions, quizzes, and other areas of Canvas.

7) Use the Calendar Scheduler tool to create appointment group with a block of time for student appointment.

8) You can delay posting an announcement until a specific date

9) Use Course Link Validator to verify all external links throughout your course to ensure they are valid.