Social Justice Film Festival

Your Voice Matters!

In recent months, we've witnessed a significant amount of advocacy around social justice issues such as addressing racial injustice and systemic racism, greater access to healthcare, home and food insecurity, wealth inequality and unemployment, climate change, and more. With that in mind, Lurie College has organized a Student Social Justice Short Film Festival to amplify the voices of middle school, high school, community college, and university students around what social justice issues are significant to them.

Fall 2021 Film Festival

We are planning to build upon the success of our inaugural Fall 2020 Student Social Justice Film Festival by organizing another film festival during the Fall 2021 semester! Our organizing committee is going to host webinars for educators and students during Summer 2021 to learn more about how to participate in the film festival.

If you have any initial questions about participating in this film festival, please email us at

Fall 2020 Film Festival Winners

We spoke with our winning filmmakers - Natalie, Jose, and Vinson - to learn more about what motivated them to create their films and what their future plans for advocating for social justice are. Watch the interview with them above and watch their individual films below.

Middle school: Natalie Creek

Connect with Natalie on Instagram and Facebook.

High school: Jose Flores-Jimenez

Connect with Jose on YouTube.

College: Vinson Vũ

Connect with Vinson on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn

Social Justice Film Festival Details

  • The deadline to submit a video was Monday, October 26.
  • Films should be between 1-3 minutes and can take a variety of creative forms - interviews, monologues, spoken word, animated, music videos, etc. - the film creators can let their imaginations determine the direction of their films.
  • Films that include languages other than English must also include English subtitles. Films that promote divisiveness, violence, hate, disrespect, and other harmful language and actions will not be posted and accepted in this competition.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of current educators, faculty, and social justice civic leaders. Winning films will be selected at the middle school, high school, and post-secondary (community college and university) levels.
  • All entries will be added to this webpage after the winners have been selected and all entrants will receive a recognition from the Lurie College of Education.
  • The winning filmmakers at each level will each receive a smartphone video rig kit (approximately $100 value) to continue making films as well as a $500 scholarship award if they enroll in a Lurie College academic program in the future.

If you have any follow up questions about participating in this film festival, contact us at or on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.

Social Justice Film Festival Origin

The Student Social Justice Short Film Festival was established by the student, alumni, and faculty member below from our Lurie College Ed.D. Leadership program, where our doctoral students have been able to complete a documentary dissertation in place of a more traditional essay dissertation. Watch some samples of recent documentary dissertations at

  • Gigi Carunungan - Ed.D. student and Chief Learning Architect and CoFounder at Playnovate STEAM Learning Lab
  • Radha Aravamudhan - Ed.D graduate and Adjunct Faculty at SJSU
  • Bob Gliner - Faculty Advisor and Adjunct Faculty at SJSU