Healthy Development Clinic

Healthy Development Clinic

Equity Through Wellness for Children, Youth, & Families

The HD Clinic will provide evaluation, education, and referral services to maximize wellness and prevent adverse outcomes for children, youth, and families.

The HD Clinic is a unique proposed collaboration between faculty and students from the programs of Child & Adolescent Development, Speech-Language Pathology, and Clinical Psychology. Located within the community, the HD Clinic will promote equity in access to high-quality, preventative, and family-centered interprofessional care. Culturally sustaining practices and trauma-informed care will guide intervention and collaboration building on existing strengths, protective factors, social support, and community resources.

Services and Programs

  • Services will be developmentally appropriate, equity minded, evidence-based, and culturally sustaining for each child and family.
  • Services will focus on prevention and will include assessments to identify appropriate services, brief services, and referrals.
  • Educational programs will be available in individual, family, and group formats, in-person and via telehealth.

Collaboration with SJSU offers an innovative opportunity to enhance service delivery while impacting training of the next generation of providers. In essence, we are able to change the ecosystem of the research-to-practice relationship both within training and transform access to care in the community.

A diverse population of students offers the opportunity to diversify the workforce and prioritize cultural safety and heritage language.

Core Values

  • Neighborhood-Based: Enhancing Resources in the Community
  • A Culturally Sustaining, Trauma-Informed Approach to Care
  • Personalized Comprehensive Family-Centered Evaluation
  • Evidence-Based Prevention Programs
  • Collaborative Referrals to Culturally-Appropriate Care
  • Student-Led & Expert-Supervised Services
  • Interprofessional Practice & Field-Specific Training

Meet the HD Clinic Team

Cara Maffini

Dr. Cara Maffini is an Associate Professor in Child & Adolescent Development with expertise in counseling psychology and trauma-informed care.

Nidhi Mahendra

Dr. Nidhi Mahendra is an Associate Professor and a certified bilingual speech-language pathologist with expertise in cognitive-communication disorders and health disparities.

Matt Capriotti

Dr. Matthew Capriotti is an Associate Professor of Psychology with expertise in the assessment and treatment of behavioral and psychological challenges in youth.