Allison Briceño, Ed.D (she/her/ella)

Allison Briceno

Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Allison Briceño, Ed.D., coordinates the Reading and Literacy Leadership Credential and MA Program. Her research focuses on bilingual teacher preparation and how bilingual students use all of their linguistic resources to understand text. Dr. Briceño’s recent scholarship has appeared in Teacher Education Quarterly, International Multilingual Research Journal, Reading Teacher, Language and Education, and Reading Psychology.


  • Ed.D., International and Multicultural Education, emphasis in Second Language Acquisition, University of San Francisco
  • M.A., Education, Policy and Organizational Leadership Studies, Stanford University
  • B.A., English and Spanish, University of Pennsylvania

Recent Publications

  • Briceño, A. (2021). Influence of sequential and simultaneous bilingualism on second grade Dual Language students’ use of syntax in reading. Reading Psychology, 42(2), 150-176. DOI: 10.1080/02702711.2021.1888345
  • Briceño, A. (2020). Selecting and analyzing diverse texts to engage all readers. California English, 26(1), 24-28.
  • Rodriguez-Mojica, C. & Briceño, A. (2019). Critical Consciousness in Bilingual Teacher Preparation for Emancipatory Biliteracy. Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingüe.

  • Rodriguez-Mojica, C., Briceño, A. & Muñoz-Muñoz, E. (2019). Combatting linguistic hegemony: Preparing and sustaining bilingual teacher educators in the United States. Teacher Education Quarterly, 46(3), 57-78.

Recent Presentations

  • Briceño, A. & Rodriguez-Mojica, C. (2020, November). Teaching Pre-Service Teachers to Enact Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy: Shifting Critical Consciousness. Presented at La Cosecha Conference, Santa Fe, NM.
  • Briceño, A. (2020, January). Assets-oriented biliteracy assessment and instruction: A focus on language. Presented at the Comprehensive Literacy and Reading Recovery Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Briceño, A. (2020, January). Exploring Emergent Bilinguals’ Reading & Writing from a Language Lens. Presented at the Comprehensive Literacy and Reading Recovery Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Briceño, A. (2019, June). Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in teacher education: One journey. Presented at Center for Reading and Teaching the Whole Child (CRTWC) Teacher Educator Institute Retreat, Los Altos, CA.
  • Briceño, A. (2019, June). Too much or not enough?: Balancing foundational skills and critical thinking with Emergent Bilingual students. Presented at the Benchmark California Convening, Palm Springs, CA.
  • Briceño, A. (2019, January). Teaching for biliteracy: Complexities of teaching children to read in Spanish and English. Presented at Summit County Public Schools, Dillon, CO.

Online Resources

Areas of Research Interest

  • Biliteracy
  • Culturally sustaining pedagogy
  • Bilingual teacher preparation
  • Critical consciousness
  • Teacher preparation