Paul Cascella, PhD

Paul Cascella

Professor, Communicative Disorders & Sciences

Paul Cascella’s research focuses on three distinct strands, 1) services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities (i.e., intellectual disability, vision impairment, deaf-blindness, and autism spectrum disorders) across the lifespan, 2) systematic inquiry about student learning, and 3) measuring the impact of higher education programs and infrastructure elements. His body of work includes 35+ publications and 75+ conference and workshop presentations.


  • Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy, Special Education, University of Connecticut
  • M.A.,Master of Arts, Speech-Language Pathology, State University of New York at Buffalo
  • B.S., Bachelor of Science, Speech-Language Pathology, Marquette University

Recent Publications

  • Neave-DiToro, D., Vogel, D., Wortsman, S., & Cascella, P. (2018). Risk management practices at university clinics in communication sciences and disorders. Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders. 2(2) article 3.
  • Cascella, P.W., Simpson, L.A., & Hagie, C. (2018). Case 13: Prioritizing communication supports for an adolescent with intellectual disability. In R.C. Branski & S. Molfentor (Eds.), Speech-Language Pathology Casebook. Thieme Publishing.
  • Cascella, P.W., Bruce, S.M., & Trief, E. (2015). Sign language, speech, and communication repair abilities by children with congenital deafblindness. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 109(2), 141-146.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Communication disorders
  • Deafblindness
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Intellectual disability
  • Visual impairment

Recommended Reading