Faculty Briefs

The best practices shared by CoE faculty

The Faculty Briefs has a collection of faculty interviews on their best practices of teaching with technology, course methodology, and student learning. Here is a list of the interview topics: 1) Flipped instruction in dynamics, 2) Making your course accessible, 3) Teaching and grading with rubrics, 4) Lecture videos to enhance student learning 5) hybrid teaching, and 6) active learning. Questions? Please email eileen.chen@sjsu.edu Thanks!

Topic: Teaching and grading with rubrics (Posted on: 9/3/2020)
"Rubrics provides an accurate measurement of these complex skills."
Nikos J. Mourtos, Professor & Chair, Aerospace Engineering

Topic: Making your course accessible (Posted on: 7/2/2020)
“Every time students do better and we do better. And my job is to help people learn.”
Professor Patricia Backer shares her practices of adding accessibility functions to course materials and videos. When faculty make their course material accessible, it will provide all students the opportunity to access and to learn course materials.

Topic: Flipped instruction in dynamics (Posted on: 2/3/2020)
"Beginning the flipped methodology, my class attendance has been almost 100 percent.”
Professor Vimal Viswanathan shares his practices in flipped teaching methodology and how the result proves the flipped methodology works.

Topic: Lecture recording (TBD)

Topic: Hybrid teaching (TBD)

Topic: Active learning (TBD)