90 and above earned units

  1. Meet with the appropriate Advisor for the intended major, i.e. Major Advisor, Department Chair, etc., depending on the department.
  2. Discuss requirements for changing into that major such as:
    • good academic standing
    • completion of any recommended prerequisite courses
    • a graduation timeline using the "what if" feature in MyPlanner
  3. Bring a completed "More than 90 Units" [pdf] form from the Registrar's office to the Major Advisor or Department Chair to be signed and submit the signed form to the Registrar.
    • You may also use Docusign to get signatures electronically.
    • There is no deadline for this form; your major advisor or chair will help determine your eligibility.
  4. Lastly, bring the same form to the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, Jinny Rhee, for signature.