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Have you finished with your  write.gif term paper (Japanese) yet?
ATTENTION:   Revise and submit  If your initial# appears here, it means that your TERM PAPER has NOT been ACCEPTED.  You need to follow the instructions given either online (on eBulletin) or in the instructor's office
to receive credit (up to
10%).  Contact the instructor immediately if you find any errors.  gg3335,  jg1435,  sh5325, al3031, ...

J025A  eMESSAGE BOARD   メッセージ from the instructor shimazu.gif    12/17/09

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Have you finished your  write.gif term paper (Japanese) ? ....................... One term paper:  800+ characters or 2 pages (including Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana).  Your topic will be 「どうして日本語を勉強しているのか」 See samples at (papers submitted by previous students.  On the eBulletin, at the bottom of your essay, you must see DONE, followed by a date, to receive credit (up to 10%).  原 稿を教養のある日本人にみてもらった後、受け持ち/担任の研究室410P に持ってきなさい。After having your draft proofread by educated native speakers of Japanese, hand-deliver your essay (TYPE-WRITTEN) to the instructor in CL410P during his office hours (M W F  9:30-11:45AM office hours, eeexpanded ) by the end of the 12th week.

Bring a few BLUEBOOKS (8.5 x 7inch Examination Books) to class everyday, because there will be pop quizze

  FYI.   For those who would like to know more about Japanese culture
and click on compuIcon.gifYouTube video clips.  Enjoy!

.............................<<< Don't be late for class!  (Reminder:  3 Ls  =  1 absence). 転迷 開悟

IMPORTANT REMINDER 下 記のGE必須を満たすこと Fulfill the following GE (C2 Letter) requirements:
  write.gif term paper (Japanese) ........................ 10%.
800+ characters or 2 pages including Kanji, hiragana, Katakana, including academic significance. After having your draft being proofread by educated native speakers of Japanese, bring the revised final version to the instructor during his office hours to CL 410P.  Your final version must be uploaded onto our eBulletin board to receive credit. You do not need to turn in a hard copy.  Go green Go paperless!  You however must use your correct id# to show proof that you have submitted the final verison.  See for previously submitted student papers as samples.
NOTE:  Using published material and failing to acknowledge the source is a violation of the California Administration Code, Title V. This is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as appropriating words, ideas, pictures, or diagrams of another person and offering them as one's own. Copying a direct quotation without offering quotation marks or crediting the source is considered plagiarism. Paragraphing an idea or use of an original idea without properly introducing or documenting the paraphrase of borrowed idea is also plagiarism. VIOLATORS MAY BE FOUND: GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR WHICH IS PUNISHABLE BY A FINE NOT EXCEEDING FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($5,000), OR BY IMPRISONMENT IN THE COUNTY JAIL NOT EXCEEDING ONE YEAR, OR BY BOTH SUCH FINE AND IMPRISONMENT.

Students are not permitted to use old tests, quizzes when preparing for exams. Violations to the Academic Integrity Policy undermine the educational process and will not be tolerated.
  It also demonstrates a lack of respect for oneself, fellow students and the course instructor and can ruin the university's reputation and the value of the degrees it offers.  Violators of the Academic Integrity Policy will be subject to failing this course and being reported to the Office of Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action which could result in suspension or expulsion from San Jose State University.  see 學生不可使用考古題做為考前準備。 使用考古題將被視為作弊行為而破壞學術上的公正並使大學所提供的學位喪失其價值。此舉將依照程序將該學生移送至學校司法 單位處理,最低可使該學科被當,情節嚴重者學校將開除學籍。請各位同學自重。(translation by Steven Chen)

Attendance Policy:  The "Policy on Class Attendance" at San José State University requires that students attend all class sessions to ensure continued enrollment in their courses. Failure to attend classes does not guarantee that a student will be dropped from the class roster.

 ・生活に追われないで、日本の音楽など楽しみましょう。 Do not rush through life, pause and enjoy Japanese music, skits, and etc.
Visit ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

 ・先生と日本語で文通 EmailQuestionsToTeacher Eメール (((掲示板)))
A great opportunity to exchange Japanese sentences with a native Japanese teacher.
Do you want a native Japanese speaker?  For Language Exchange.  Email ☼Sunny Yu at (include your name, major, and language you'd like to learn).    For SJSU tutoring/proofreading service, contact LARK (Student Service Center Rm 600) 408-924-3346.

 > SJSU Japan Club
トラブルが生 じた場合の責任は サンノゼ州大、外国学部は一切負いませんのでご了承下さい。色即是空


クラス内での携帯電話、iPod/iPhone, チューインガム、飲食は厳禁。
Did you know that ► Secondhand Smoke can Lower Your Test Scores (7 points)?

Smoking can kill you.
Quitting smoking isn't easy
No cell phones, no chewing gum, no food, and no drinks in the classroom. Rationale: Chewing gum in front of others is considered rude and unkempt Japanese culture & value.

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"A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing  (Alexander Hamilton)."  collusive cynicism?  Go green!
) peter joseph (8:10) history of the Internet  (30min)

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J>E dictionaries, etc. (J>E translation)

E>J dictionaries, etc.

Gibberish?  Use

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Drugs are bad for you.    Smoking is bad for you.
円融三諦   collusive cynicism? 

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