Parenting Videos

Our HDCC team creates a helpful range of videos, podcasts, and written materials for the children, families, and community members that we serve.

Effective Instructions

Parents frequently ask, “how can I get my child to listen better?” In this video, we offer tips for how to effectively give instructions to increase your child’s responsiveness to you. 

Special Praise

A great parenting strategy is to encourage good behavior through special praise. In this video, we talk about what special praise is, the benefits of engaging in it, and practice how to transform regular praise into special praise.

Homework Routine

In this video, we explain the importance of homework and identify some strategies to help caregivers support their child's success in school.

Time Out

In this video, we discuss what “time out” is and key elements that make a time out effective.

Self-Care for Parents

In this video we discuss the importance of self-care, especially during the pandemic, and how to implement this practice into your daily lives.

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