SJSU Initiates Hiring Slowdown Due To COVID-19 Impacts

Sent: April 6, 2020
From: Mary A. Papazian, President

SJSU campus community,

The ongoing uncertainties and financial losses due to COVID-19 have impacted the global economy and affected the state of California. Although San Jose State University is not immune to this ripple effect, I write to assure you that I am committed to doing everything I can to protect everyone’s jobs and ensure the financial health and stability of our university. All of you have dedicated your time and talent to our students' success, and for that I am grateful. We will overcome these trying times together, all of us—becoming stronger and united.

To help preserve the financial position of the university while we face unprecedented financial challenges associated with COVID-19, we are taking proactive measures to conserve and maintain our current resources. In this regard, the Chancellor’s Office has asked all CSU campuses to impose a marked slowdown in our hiring practices, effective immediately. The Chancellor’s Office will continue to monitor the well-being of the California State University system, and each campus’s financial well-being, throughout the evolving challenges of COVID-19, and will make changes in this policy as warranted.

As part of the hiring slowdown, all open searches and requests for new recruitments will be paused pending my review. Once my review of these positions is complete, I will provide guidance to my leadership team about the timeline on which to move forward. My decisions will be driven by their connection to the core mission of the CSU and the support for day-to-day operations. Any searches that have been completed with a signed agreement shall be honored.

These are difficult times. SJSU employees — faculty, staff, and students — have responded remarkably to the current, unprecedented situation. I recognize the stress that people are feeling caused by the sudden transition to an almost exclusively online work environment. I also understand that many of our employees are under enormous personal strain due to care and concern for loved ones, childcare issues and changes in personal finances due to job losses within the household. Each of our employees is vital to the success of SJSU in meeting its commitment to our students. You all matter, and we will do our best to support you as we move forward and adapt together to our “new normal.” At the same time, I will continue to advocate for the resources necessary to support SJSU’s operations and to provide the necessary support for our community as we continue our work together.