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Please reach out to Jacob J. Manaloor, Director of Development for Research & Innovation, at 317-418-9164 or email at if you have any questions or need additional information on how to support any SJSU startups. 

Thank you for your support!

SJSU Innovation Fund

The SJSU Innovation Fund helps support our founders in their goals to launch and grow their innovative startups. The fund enables SJSU to expand our programs and provide key resources needed by our emerging entrepreneurs. Your gift will support SJSU-affiliated startups and significantly increase the likelihood for their success. As many of our startups are created by first-generation founders, your gift will provide the much needed mentoring and support that could be life-changing. 

Founder's Pledge

The SJSU Innovation Founder’s Pledge is open to any founder, entrepreneur or business owner who wants to support innovation through their philanthropy and partner with SJSU to provide the next generation of Spartan Innovators with exceptional access to knowledge, mentors, training and resources. 

What is it? 

Your personal pledge to support the SJSU’s Innovation Fund and the innovative programs that matter to you. You choose the amount, timing and the designation of our gift.

Why do it? 

When making an SJSU Innovation Founders’ Pledge, you join the exceptional list of SJSU entrepreneurs and innovators who have publicly signaled their intent to support the University into the future. You are leading by example by incorporating philanthropy in your personal and professional growth mindset, which in turn inspires others to do the same. You will also gain streamlined access to campus resources that can further your business growth including recruitment, visibility and peer networking opportunities that will help provide you with access to the full breadth and depth of SJSU’s entrepreneur ecosystem.

We invite you to invest in SJSU’s future and be a part of this bold giving opportunity.

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