Incubator Membership

There are four levels of incubator membership that build on one another:

Level Who
Mailing List Member

Anyone can join our mailing list and get invited to our Zoom events, learn more about SpartUp companies and receive our newsletter.

Incubator Member

Open to SJSU students, alumni, faculty and staff. You will have access to our knowledge base, events and contests.

Founder Member

Open to Incubator Members. You are the founder or co-founder of a startup idea and you are actively working on this idea by yourself or with a team. You will have access to all the basic membership areas, plus you will be matched with a mentor and receive invitations to special founder networking events. You will also be able to apply for the SpartUp Incubator Prototype Grant.

Cohort Member

Open to Founder Members. Your team has applied and been accepted to the SpartUp Incubator Cohort program where you will receive a scholarship to attend a special Founder Institute training in preparation for the CSU Business Launch Competition and launching your startup.


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