F-1 Employment Workshops

Looking for opportunities to work as part of your studies, or after graduation? Attend an upcoming workshop to learn more about employment opportunities with Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT). 


All workshops will be conducted virtually via Zoom until further notice. 


Post-Completion OPT Workshops 

This general Post-Completion OPT workshop will provide an overview on how to apply for Post-OPT. We will review eligibility, steps to apply, reporting requirements, and many more topics pertaining to Post-OPT. 

No RSVP required.


Post-Completion OPT Application Packet (I-765) Prep Workshops 

We will host a general packet prep session for the required application materials that students need to send via post to USCIS. While we cannot and are not permitted to review each student's OPT application individually, we will be able to address specific questions about the I-765 (OPT) application and the application process. 

This workshop is ONLY for students who have already received their I-20s with the post-completion OPT recommendation and have also completed the I-765 (USCIS'S OPT application). DO NOT ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO SEND YOUR OPT APPLICATION (I-765) TO THE GOVERNMENT!

No RSVP required.


STEM OPT Extension Workshops 

Please join us for this interactive, virtual workshop on STEM OPT Extension. This workshop is intended for students on post-completion OPT, who want to learn more about STEM OPT. We will provide a very throrough overview of the STEM OPT Extension application process, eligibility requirements, Form I-765, reporting responsibilites, STEM OPT FAQs, etc.

No RSVP required. Please click on the registration links below to join the Zoom workshop.