AR-VR Loaner Service

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From the classroom to the boardroom, these headsets will allow a versatile platform using the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for education and training. The Loaner Kits allow teachers to experience Virtual reality and embed VR into their curriculum. This service is available for Faculty and Staff.

Steps for Requesting & Reserving Equipment

Training is required prior to the 1st booking of VR/AR equipment. 
Post training, you will be granted access to book the respective VR/AR equipment through our online equipment loaning service. Users are advised to put in the requests for this service at least 2 weeks before the intended date of use to ensure the availability of the equipment.


Step1 Step 2 Step3 Step 4
Browse Kits              Request Kit            Receive Training      Checkout in-person
Online Checkout Email VR Team   IRC 112

Browse VR Kits,
user manuals,
features & usage

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A technician will
schedule a
training session.
Upon completion,
you will be
granted access
to book that
specific VR Kit.
Each Kit
may require
usage and

You must show
your current
TowerID Card
to Checkout
your VR Kit.


The Loaner Service provides these features to faculty and staff: 

  • Access to Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, ClassVR Loaner Kits
  • VR ready laptops
  • VR Support and Assistance 

We currently offer: 

  • (2) ClassVR Cart with 24 headsets
  • (4) ClassVR Hard-shell Case with 4 headsets 
  • (1) Oculus Rift VR Kit 
  • (1) Oculus Go VR Kit 
  • (1) HTC Vive VR Kit


The requirement to use this service is that you must be a current SJSU faculty member, have a valid faculty/staff SJSU account, and scannable Tower ID card.


VR & IPTV Technical Coordinator 
Cameron Myers 
(408) 924- 2636