QLess is a tool that lets staff manage appointments and digital queues in order to provide services remotely and follow social distancing protocols.


Virtual Queues

People can join a queue through your website, with their mobile phone (voice or text), use a mobile app, or use on-site kiosks. The app also dynamically calculates wait times for each person, adjusting based on an internal algorithm.

Appointment Scheduling

QLess uses a system called "FlexAppointments" to handle walk-ins along with pre-scheduled appointments. It balances out gaps to mitigate slow periods and busy periods.

Communicate Interactively

Notifications and regular updates let people know as they move to the front of the queue. Plus, they can request more time, view any status updates, or cancel their appointment. Messages are sent by text, voice, or device application and are customizable.

Customer Feedback

Customer surveys can provide insight on staffing requirements, improve procedures, and improve customer service.

Dashboard and Calendar

The dashboard shows each queue and its location. The view gives you live data, keeping you up-to-date with each location.

With Calendar, you can display appointments based on the day, week, or month and filter your appointments by queue, location, and the scheduled resource.




Students, faculty and staff must have an active SJSU email account and OneSJSU ID.


Training and documentation

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