Advising Resource Guide

Last day for major advising for Spring 2022 will be May 27. Major advising will resume in the Fall 2022 semester.

For any questions, contact the department at

Students looking to apply for graduation can now do so online, please refer to the Applying for Graduation PPT and Online Graduation Application Tutorial [pdf].

Students looking for help with planning their schedule for next semester can be assisted by a Major Advisor (who will only advise on Major-requirements) and a GE Advisor at the H&A Student Success Center (who will advise on all GE/University requirements).

For inquiries regarding Substitution Forms, Excess Units Petitions, returning student paperwork, MCOM 111 internships, MCOM 180 independent study paperwork - please contact

JMC School policy – No late adds or drops.

All media professional fields place a high priority on meeting deadlines. Advertising, journalism and public relations students are taught to follow and respect this expectation in JMC School classes. Unlike other programs on campus, late requests in the JMC School to add or drop a class will not be approved by the school director unless there are unique circumstances with support documentation. Requests to drop classes late in a semester due to poor grades are not approved.

Academic Advising is Essential for Success

Students who put off getting advising, delay in declaring or changing a major, or delay in taking required courses in a timely manner can create serious problems for themselves, and possibly jeopardize their graduation. "Undeclared" majors should see an SJSU department academic adviser immediately, and prioritize developing a plan to meet admission as soon as possible. Each of our media fields are highly competitive, so students should always strive to do their best, and keep their grades as high as possible at all times.

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