Proctorio: Student Guide

Setting Up Proctorio

1. Install Google Chrome

When you're ready to take a proctored exam you will need to use Google Chrome with the Proctorio extension. Launch Chrome or download the browser to your computer.
Google chrome webpage after you open it.


2. Install the Proctorio Extension

Install the Proctorio Chrome extension. This process is automatic and only needs to be done once. The extension will update automatically.

Installing the proctorio extension to the chrome webpage

3. Take Your Exam

Simply log into Canvas and start the proctored exam issued by your instructor.

After installing you are all geared up to take the exams.


How Does it Work?

Proctorio requires the use of the Google Chrome web browser and you must use/install the Proctorio extension as well (see “How do I prepare?”). Proctorio is active when you log in to the exam and is deactivated when you log out. During the exam, a system of computers captures your movements and sends your video and other data to your instructor for review. Proctorio will flag activity that might not be allowed. Your instructor will then be able to review the video and data to decide if any action is necessary.


How Do I Prepare?

  • You need to use a regular computer (Windows/Mac computer or laptop).
    You cannot take the exams from mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc).You need a working webcam and microphone (depending on the options your instructor has selected)
  • You must use the Google Chrome web browser & the Proctorio Extension. Install the Proctorio extension for Google Chrome. It takes less than 30 seconds. The exam that requires Proctorio will usually prompt you to install the extension if you need it. No other browser extensions may be in use. 

  • Have your SJSU photo ID card available
    Depending on the settings your instructor has used for the exam you may be asked to hold up your ID to document you are the test taker.

  • Be ready for room scans
    Again, depending on the settings on your exam, Proctorio may ask you to do a room scan. This involves moving your web camera 360 degrees to pan the room. 


Questions and Troubleshooting

Live Chat Help

  1. Click the shield icon in your web browser. 
    With the help of live chat you can resolve any small issues related to proctorio.

  2. Click Live Chat to connect with support personnel to get help.

Reinstalling the Proctorio Extension

Sometimes you need to reinstall to update the extension. Remove it and reinstall it:

  • Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome (three dots in the upper right of the browser) > More tools > Extensions.
    To reinstall proctorio you can use the steps mentioned above.

  • Find the Proctorio extension and click the Remove from Chrome (trash can) icon.
  • Go back to the quiz and it will prompt you to install the extension.

It’s asking me for a Password

You don’t need a password.

  • Make sure you are using the latest Google Chrome web browser.
  • Try turning the Proctorio extension Off, then back On.
    ○   Chrome browser menu (3 dots in upper right corner).
    ○   More Tools > Extensions.
    ○   Proctorio extension > Off. Close the browser window.
    ○   Repeat the process and turn the Proctorio extension On.
  • Logout of all Google accounts. Close all Google Chrome browser windows, restart your computer.

I’m still having problems!

Double check that you have disabled all other Chrome extensions that your browser uses:

  1. Click the 3-dot vertical ellipse on the upper left of your Chrome window.
  2. Select Settings. The Google Settings page will open in a new window.
  3. Select Extensions on the left hand navigation area. A new tab will open with a list of all Chrome extensions you have downloaded.
  4. Turn off all extensions except for Proctorio by using the sliding radio button that appears in the bottom right corner of each extension tile.