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ProctorU for Online Exams

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows students to take their exams online while ensuring the integrity of the exam for San Jose State University. The service uses proctors who will monitor your exam as you take it. It is done in three ways:

  1. ProctorU will authenticate your identity. This is to ensure that the person being monitored is the correct student.
  2. ProctorU will observe you via a webcam. You will be connected to a real person who will guide you through the process.
  3. ProctorU will watch your screen in real time and will be able to see everything you are doing both at your location and on your screen.

Technical Requirements:

Operating System

  • PC: A computer running Windows XP or higher.
  • Mac: A computer running Mac OS 10.5 or higher

Browser Requirements

  • Google Chrome or Firefox Browser is required.

Other Technical Specifications:

  • Webcam with 640x480 video pixel resolution
  • Headphones or working speakers connected to the computer
  • Microphone connected to the computer
  • Reliable high speed Internet connection
  • A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed
  • Must be able to allow remote access to your computer and screen by one of our proctors

Link to How ProctorU works and FAQ’s: