What to do first

Make an appointment with the appropriate advisor as follows:

Susan Verducci
Advisor (All Majors with last names starting from A-I)
Liberal Studies Program Coordinator
Clark Hall 439 (Sign-up sheet on door)


Prof. Erica Colmenares                                                                                                   Advisor (All Majors with last names starting from J-R)                                                        Liberal Studies Program Coordinator & Advisor                                                                    Clark Hall 414R
Phone: 408-924-4312


Sandy Ho                                                                                                                         Advisor (All Majors with last names starting from S-Z)
Humanities & Arts Success Center
Clark Hall 244

Appointment via Google Form
Tel. No. (408)924-5095



Students who have attended another college or University and who have never been advised should provide copies of their unofficial transcripts.

Prepare for Your Appointment. 

Bring a list of questions you want to discuss with your advisor.  Students coming into the major from another department at San Jose State should bring San Jose State grades if they were earned before Spring 1991.

Use a folder, notebook, or large manila envelope to keep all your documents related to your schooling. Bring that with you whenever you see an advisor or try to question anything about your school records. Keep every piece of paper any school ever gives you! This collection should include your personal copy of transcripts or grade slips from every college you have attended and copies of GE checklists. Any time you drop, add, or change anything on your program, save the paperwork.

When to schedule your appointment
The following unit benchmarks are approximate, since most students do not take the 31 units a year required to graduate in four years.

0-12 Units

Attend New Student Orientation and Advising Day. Admissions and Records staff must register you for your first semester. They have a list prepared by Liberal Studies from which you must choose courses. 

If you are a freshman enrolled in 12-15 units--See your advisor at the latest by the end of your first semester, earlier if you are having difficulty with your registration or courses. Talk about the different Liberal Studies pathways (especially if you are interested in teaching in a Spanish bilingual classroom), your grades, and completion of GE that cannot be met in the major. Many major courses also meet GE; however, most GE courses do not fit into the major. Discuss GPA and its effect on your future study.

30 Units

You are now a sophomore. See your advisor to review your progress in completing GE within the Preparation for the Major requirements. Discuss any academic difficulties you are having and discuss the potential to apply for the Integrated Teacher Preparation program in which you can earn your BA & Multiple Subject Credential. 

45 Units

Complete your Core GE and complete all lower division courses in the major. If you are applying to the ITEP, do so in the first semester of your junior year. Talk to your advisor about taking the Writing Skills Test (WST) to be ready for entering upper division standing. Take Hum 100W as soon as you reach 60 units. Start saving upper division work for your portfolio and discuss it with your advisor.

56-60 Units

Incoming transfer students, send unofficial copies of your transcripts from each college you have attended to Susan Verducci ( Be sure to discuss which Liberal Studies Pathway is best for you.  Plan the rest of your college program, paying attention to what semesters courses are likely to be offered. Continue saving your work for your portfolio. Make sure you have taken the WST or plan on taking it soon.

80 Units

Discuss the various advantages and connections of course choices with future degrees or careers or credentials, such as planning for a Supplementary Authorization to teach a single subject at the middle-school level. Take any lower division GE requirements you have not yet completed as well as 100W before you are a senior (90 units).

91 Units

Start to plan for graduation. Meet with your advisor to choose the remaining courses for the major; bring documents showing grades for any courses you have completed at other colleges since your first advisement session for the major. We will discuss with you when you should be ready to graduate and when you must apply.

102 Units

Meet with your advisor to complete your major form. When completed, you will receive a call to pick it up in our office. YOU must pick up the form and complete the application process. Make plans for applying to graduate school or the credential program if you plan to continue your schooling.

113 Units

Report to our office any substitutions for courses on your major form. If you plan to enter a credential program at any school, ask for a partial subject-matter competency letter. Turn in your portfolio your last semester. Deadlines are stated on the portfolio sheet outside the office.

120 Units

After your final grades have been posted (check MySJSU) and your BA has been posted (usually in late January, June or September), ask for your final Elementary Subject Matter competency letter if you plan on applying to a Multiple Subject credential program. Or if you have not been cleared for graduation, find out what the problem may be. Frequently the problem is that transcripts of recent courses taken at another school have not arrived. If you have an incomplete at the date of graduation, you will not graduate until you complete the course.

Best times to schedule your appointment

The following times of the year are usually more open. These are good times to schedule appointments for general planning.


The advisor works during the summer, except for vacation weeks. Late June, July, and early August are the lightest time.


The fall enrollment rush is over and only late spring graduation applicants come in. The Spring Schedule of Classes is not yet available.

Winter Session

The advisor is usually available at least two weeks in January.


Next year's graduates have applied for graduation and the fall schedule of classes is not yet available.