Preparation for the CPE

As a placement exam, the goal is not to "pass" the CPE. The purpose of the exam is to place students in the most appropriate Math course.

To be placed into Math 30, Math 30P or Math 30PL, students need to demonstrate a basic knowledge of four years of college prep math, the same math covered in Math 19 (Precalculus). Specifically the topics needed are college algebra, trigonometry and properties of elementary functions. To be placed into Math 71, students need to demonstrate a basic knowledge of math covered in Math 8 (College Algebra), or Math 19 (Precalculus). You should not have to prepare for the Calculus Placement Exam unless, you have been away from the study of mathematics for many years though a little bit of review certainly will not hurt. The exam is designed to test what you need to know on a daily basis to understand the content of Calculus. It is important to be well rested so you can think clearly when you take the CPE.

Practice Test

The ALEKS PPL platform gives you an opportunity to complete an initial placement assessment.  After that you will have the opportunity to study and practice the material that you need most help with.  ALEKS PPL will allow you to complete a self-paced individualized online review.