MS Software Engineering FAQ

With a large number of prospective students and many current students in the MSSE program, I receive a daunting amount of email. I cannot respond to all questions personally. Most questions can be answered by reading the material at this web site, including this FAQ.

Invariably, there will be some questions that will go unanswered. Before sending email to me, students should first join the sjsu-msse-program Yahoo! group and pose your question there (if it is not of a personal nature). Note that you must include your first and last name in the Real Name field of your Yahoo profile before you will be allowed to join sjsu-msse-program Yahoo group. All MSSE students and I participate in this Yahoo! group. Other students may be able to answer your questions quicker and more effectively than I.

If your questions are not answered by this web site or the program Yahoo group; or if your question is personal or strictly related to your situation, please feel free to contact me by email at Please follow the guidelines below for writing effective email messages.

Dan Harkey
Director and Graduate Advisor
MS Software Engineering