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MyGPS: Graduation Pathway to Success

A suite of technology tools are available to help you plan.
Also check out California Promise, a program to help frosh graduate in four years and transfers in two. 


MyPlanner is a new interactive online tool for undergraduate students to map their entire academic path to graduation.  Requirements for your major, minor (if applicable), and general education are displayed in a recommended sequence using information from your student record. It even recognizes the courses you've already taken at SJSU, test credit, transfer credit, course substitutions, and prerequisites to recommend an education plan designed just for you!



Most degrees at SJSU are 120 units. This means, to stay on track to graduate in 4 years for frosh and 2 for transfers, you should be taking on average 15 units per semester that counts towards your degree. You may also want to take other units that will help your success such as course support workshops, developmental courses, or courses based on your interests. MyRoadmap shows a 4 year plan to your degree with the required courses in your major and needed order based on pre-requisites.

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MyProgress (formerly known as Academic Requirements and Degree Audit) is a function in MySJSU that allows you to check your progress in meeting your requirements for your degree.  You can run this check anytime. Bring it to an advisor as part of your conversation with them about your path to graduation.

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MyScheduler (formerly known as Spartan Planner) is a schedule planning tool which allows you to create and compare multiple class schedules for a given semester based on your course preferences as well as other commitments such as your work, sport and/or family schedules.



Need to find a class that fulfills a SJSU general education requirement?
Use the Cal State Online- Quottly website to find and register for online general education courses offered by California State University and California Community Colleges that count for CSU transfer credit at SJSU.  It's easy to search and filter over 70,000 online course offerings from both the CSU and California Community Colleges to find the right class for you - one that fits your schedule and helps you graduate faster.



You are not alone as you chart your path to graduation. Create a plan of your academic career and bring it to an advisor. Discover more advising resources and contact information


Tutoring Hub

Discover new tutoring resources all over campus. 


Mentoring Hub

Connect with Faculty and Staff for support, university guidance and educational empowerment. 


Career Plan for Students

Now is the time to be thinking about and planning what you will do after you graduate. This checklist will guide you through the important steps needed to lay a strong foundation for your dream career.


Steps to Graduation

This publication is designed to make sure your experience here at SJSU is a successful one and to keep you on track to graduate in a timely manner. Four years if you're starting as a freshmen and two years if you're a transfer. 


Time Management

In order to figure out the right number of units for you to take each semester, you need to determine how many hours you have available to study and be successful in each class. Here are some time management tips (developed by Counseling) to help you make the most of your available time.



The sooner you graduate, the sooner you will begin to earn a salary commensurate with your degree. A recent study has shown that if you take 12 units a semester instead of 15, this will delay your graduation by a year and end up costing you over the course of your career close to $50,000. However, that must be balanced by ensuring you have the financial resources needed while you are completing your education. The Financial Aid and Scholarship office has resources online including helping you to understand your financial aid package. There is an online database of scholarships to apply to. Also, the Bursar’s office can work with you on tuition payment plans.