Spartan Village Orientation

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The new student orientation program includes a first year engagement program called Spartan Village. This program is designed to foster community among the incoming frosh class and equip new students with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful. The village is composed of several dozen groups or “houses,” each with its own unique nature but connected to the rich history and traditions of San Jose State. House names will exemplify that connection (i.e, Smith House, Uchida House, etc).  Every new frosh will be assigned to a house in the village with a house leader who will aid in their transition into the university. 

Each house in the village has a House Leader who is an upper class student ready and willing to guide you this fall on issues like advising, registration dates, add/drop, tutoring and mentoring resources, exam tips, and more. Your leader will be sending you tips for success throughout the fall semester via the SAMMY app and will host virtual and in person activities as well.  As a result of being involved in this program, we hope that you feel a sense of community and belonging to SJSU.

How to Download the SAMMY App 

Watch this short video to learn how to download the Sammy App, register, and join your Spartan Village House channel!

Student Video

Campus/Community Partner/Namesake Video