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Our Student Success team is here to make sure that you receive quality academic advising, utilize helpful academic resources, and stay on track to complete your degree.

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Orientation and Academic Advising

It's our priority for you to have a successful start to your SJSU Online experience.

Before you begin your classes, we will give you access to our self-paced SJSU Online New Student Success online onboarding course and invite you to attend a live, online orientation so you can understand the course registration process, learn how to utilize campus resources, and chat with academic advisors, faculty, and students.

Additionally, our Student Success Advising Team will meet with you individually throughout your program to discuss your academic goals, create a personalized success plan, and stay on track to complete your degree.


Meet the Student Success Advising Team

Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon, Director

Sarah has over 15 years of experience in higher education, including 11 years in the California State University system and most recently as the Director of the SJSU College of Engineering Student Success Center. She is passionate about providing access to quality education and supporting students of all majors as they work towards completing their degrees. Sarah received her BA in Psychology from Lee University and MS in Counseling from Azusa Pacific University.

 Nasiha Alicic

Nasiha Alicic, Advisor

Nasiha earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in History from the University of California, Riverside and a Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising from Kansas State University. She has worked in both higher education and continuing education, with roles including a graduate teaching assistant, a career services advisor for a video game development and graphic design program, and most recently as an academic advisor for the College of Arts and Humanities at Central Washington University. Nasiha aims to utilize her experience to help students thrive and develop their sense of self and life-long skills.

Jamie Carranza

Jamie Carranza, Advisor

Jamie has over six years of experience working in higher education. Her professional experiences have centered on student retention and success along with outreach and recruitment. Her previous roles include Student Success Coach with the University of California, San Diego, Student Services Program Specialist at Mt. San Antonio College, and most recently Outreach and Recruitment Specialist for the BSISDA program at San José State University. Jamie earned her Master's in Postsecondary Educational Leadership from San Diego State University and has a Bachelor's in Human Development from the University of California San Diego.

 Jake Lorchueya

Jake Lorchueya, Advisor

Jake received his Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Science in Counseling with a Concentration in Student Affairs and College Counseling from California State University, Fresno. His career choice stems from a desire to help students thrive and achieve their academic goals. He has experience in admission and recruitment, academic coaching, community college advising, and dual enrollment/high school enrichment advising. With his lived experiences and accumulated knowledge, Jake aims to make students feel supported and empowered throughout their journey in higher education.

Sarah Miers

Sarah Miers, Advisor

Sarah received her undergraduate degree in Human Development at Sonoma State University and her Master’s in Education / Counseling Student and Personnel at San José State University. Sarah has served students and families for the past 14 years with enrollment, academics, and financial aid in an online university program, UC, nonprofit scholarship program, and high school. For the past 8 years, she has worked closely with first generation low-income students. She is passionate about education being accessible and equitable and enjoys working with students who are transitioning into a new school. As a lifelong learner and parent of children with learning differences, she is following her interests and obtaining a certificate to be an educational therapist.

Ryan Ploch-Branscum

Ryan Ploch-Branscum, Advisor

Ryan has over five years of experience working in higher education. He completed his BA in Sociology and MA in Education with a Concentration in Counseling and Student Personnel, both from San José State University. Ryan has demonstrated experience in leading student success programs at SJSU serving as a Lead Academic Advisor in the College of Science, Lead Peer Mentor in the College of Social Sciences, and Academic Support Mentor at University Housing Services.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Our academic calendar highlights all of the important dates and deadlines for new and continuing SJSU Online students.

Fall B Term 2023

Fall B Term Registration Opens
October 10, 2023
Fall B Term Instruction Begins
October 17, 2023
Deadline to Add or Drop Classes
October 19, 2023
Fall B Term Payment Deadline
October 24, 2023
Veteran's Day - Campus Closed
November 10, 2023
Thanksgiving Break - Campus Closed
November 23, 2023-November 24, 2023
Last Day of Instruction
December 8, 2023
Study/Conference Day - No Classes or Exams
December 11, 2023
Final Examinations
December 12, 2023-December 13, 2023
Final Examinations Make-Up Day
December 14, 2023
SJSU Commencement Ceremonies
December 18, 2023-December 19, 2023
Winter Break - Campus Closed
December 25-December 29, 2023

Spring A Term 2024

Deadline to Apply for Spring 2024 Graduation
October 13, 2023
Continuing Student Registration for A and B terms
November 7, 2023-January 28, 2024
New Student Registration for A and B terms
December 4, 2023-January 28, 2024
Winter Break - Campus Closed
December 25, 2023-December 29, 2023
New Year's Day - Campus Closed
January 1, 2024
New Student Orientation
January 11, 2024
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Campus Closed
January 15, 2024
Spring A Instruction Begins
January 24, 2024
Deadline to Add or Drop Classes
January 28, 2024
Spring A Term Payment Deadline
January 31, 2024
Last Day of Instruction
March 13, 2024
Study/Conference Day - No Classes or Exams
March 14, 2024
Final Examinations
March 15, 2024-March 18, 2024
Final Examinations Make-Up Day
March 19, 2024

Spring B Term 2024

Spring B Term Registration Opens
March 14, 2024
Spring B Instruction Begins
March 21, 2024
Deadline to Apply for Fall 2024 Graduation
March 22, 2024
Deadline to Add or Drop Classes
March 25, 2024
Spring B Term Payment Deadline
March 28, 2024
Cesar Chavez Day - Campus Closed
April 1, 2024
Spring Recess
April 1, 2024-April 5, 2024
Deadline to Apply for SJSU Scholarships
May 1, 2024
Last Day of Instruction
May 16, 2024
Study/Conference Day - No Classes or Exams
May 17, 2024
Final Examinations
May 20, 2024-May 21, 2024
Final Examinations Make-Up Day
May 22, 2024
SJSU Commencement Ceremonies
May 22, 2024-May 24, 2024

Payment and Refunds

After enrolling, make sure to pay your required fees so that you are not withdrawn from your courses. Check your MySJSU account under "Finances" to see your payment due date and utilize the resources below for additional support.

  • Payment due date: Use this guide from the SJSU Bursar’s Office for help with finding your payment due date in your MySJSU account
  • Accepted methods of payment: The SJSU Bursar’s Office accepts several forms of online and in-person payment methods.
  • How to pay online: Use this guide from the SJSU Bursar’s Office for help with making an online payment.
  • Electronic refunds and direct deposit: Register for direct deposit so that you can receive any refunds up to 7 days faster than a paper check.
  • Installment Payment Plan: Complete this form to request to have an Installment Payment Plan (IPP) to pay your fees for the term.

If you withdraw from one or more courses after the deadline to add or drop courses, you will be refunded a pro-rated amount based on the day that you drop.

  • 1 day after the deadline: 75% of fees will be refunded.
  • 2 days after deadline: 50% of fees will be refunded.
  • 3 days after deadline: 25% of fees will be refunded.
  • 4 or more days after deadline: 0% of fees will be refunded.

If you have questions related to payments and refunds, please email

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