Frequently Asked Questions

What is a waitlist class?

The waitlist provides students with a process to enroll in a class that is full, if seats become available. Waitlist will be active for the first 9 days of the semester until Sunday, August 28, 2022. To learn more about waitlist classes, visit the Registrar's Office website.

What is an instructor consent class?

A class with instructor consent means enrollment in a course requires approval from the instructor. Students will need to reach out to the instructor about their intent to enroll. If the student is enrolling through MySJSU, they can request for a permisison number. If the student is submitting a DocuSign registration form, follow the instructions carefully to ensure the form is routed to the correct instructor for approval. 

Are international students eligible to take OU courses with an international visa?

If you are studying under an F1 or J1 status through another school/program, you can take Open University courses at SJSU. These courses can be used towards maintaining your legal F1 or J1 status if approved by your current school/program.

Open University is not open to SJSU matriculated students and/or sponsored students.

Are transcripts and a SJSU application necessary?

Transcripts and a formal University application are not required for OU enrollment. Follow Registration instructions to register.

Can I add a course after the deadline?

You can add a course provided you meet the prerequisite requirements and the instructor sign your registration form. Complete a "Late Add" form (PDF) in the Form Section and submit it with a signed registration form to the College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE) office located at One Washington Square, Student Union - CPGE 
San Jose, CA 95192-0135 or fax to 408-924-2666 for Associate Dean's approval.

Can I drop my classes and receive a refund?

You can drop your classes by the drop date and receive a partial refund listed on the calendar in the OU calendar. NO REFUNDS are given for dropping an Open University class  after the last day to drop  for a partial refund. Failure to attend may not cause students to be dropped from a  class automatically. Failure to drop officially from a course generates a failing grade of  “F” or “WU” and fees will be charged to student account.

Can I take OU classes if I am a matriculated student?

No, you may not cancel your admission to the university for purposes of attending Open University. You may not enroll in Open University if you have been admitted to SJSU as a regular student for this semester or if you are a continuing regular student, registered in the previous semester. This rule is not applied for disqualified student.

How can I obtain a transcript?

To order official transcripts, visit the Transcript website.

How can I pay?

Please see the Office of Bursar's Office Methods of Payment for more information.

How do I access my grades?

Grades will be available within two to three weeks after the course completes. Access your grades via online, MySJSU (UserID and password required).

How do I audit or take an OU course for credit/no credit?

Fill out the Credit/No Credit or Audit option and submit to Office of the Registrar to indicate your option.

How do I create My SJSU account?

Follow the instruction to create your MySJSU online account. This account will give a student access to register for classes, pay for courses and see student’s records. If a student has an existing account but cannot remember the password, please contact Provide at least two of the following items for verification:

  1. SJSU student ID
  2. Date of birth
  3. Mailing address

How do I drop a course?

Complete the drop process either by dropping online on mySJSU account or filing a Petition for Course Drop. Refer to the OU Calendar to identify which drop method, what signatures are required and whether an academic withdrawal penalty applies. Leaving a course without authorization will result in a WU (F) grade.

For more information see instructions on the Petition for Course Drop in the Form Section.

How do I know if the course I am taking through OU will count toward my degree/program?

You can meet with the Undergraduate or Graduate Advisor of the department where you are pursuing a degree to make sure the course(s) you are taking count toward your degree/program.

How do I obtain a student ID card?

Open University students who wish to obtain a student ID card would need to submit proof of registration to the Bursar's office.  ID card can be picked up in person or mailed to student's address upon enrollment verification. ID card is only valid during the term student enrolls in a class at SJSU.  

How do I withdraw from OU classes?

See the OU calendar for deadlines. You may withdraw from courses after the refund deadline and receive a “W” grade by securing the approval signature of the instructor and CPGE Associate Dean on a withdrawal petition formNo refund is givenFailure to withdraw officially from a course generates a failing grade of “F” or “WU”.

How many units taken through OU apply toward my bachelor/master's degree?

Each department decides whether a particular course will be accepted toward a major or minor. Please see Credit Options and the SJSU Catalogfor more information.

How much does it cost?

$280 per unit

$291 per unit

$375 per unit

Late Add Fee

Course Fee
Check with Department


For more information, please visit Records, Fees & Payment section.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is not available for Open University students. However, you may apply for a student loan through a financial institution.

What are “alternative arrangements” for individual studies and directed reading courses?

Reading Courses (180/184 and 297/298)

Supervision courses can be scheduled through Special Session. Call (408) 924-2670.

What do I need to register via MySJSU?

  • User ID and password
  • Meet all class prerequisite requirements Permission Number (contact your class instructor through the appropriate academic department)
  • Look up Class Search to check if permission number is required to be able to register for the class.

What if I am not on the class roster?

Make sure you submitted your signed Open University Registration form to the Office of the Registrar located at the Student Services Center, corner of North 9th and East San Fernando Streets, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192.

You may have been dropped for non-payment. Check with the Bursar’s Office.

What if the course(s) I have selected have been cancelled?

Refer to the department for a current listing of available classes.

What is a retroactive course add or drop?

You request adding/dropping a class(es) from a previous semester. To request a retroactive add/drop, you must complete a retroactive add or Petition for Course Drop which can be found at the Forms section. Once approved, you can add/drop course(s) and receive a grade of “W” by securing the approval signature of the instructor, department chair and signature of authorized CPGE  official. No refund is given for requesting a retroactive drop. Failure to drop officially from a course taken in a previous semester generates a failing grade of “F” or “WU”.