Google Drive

Using Google Drive for your page requires some knowledge of hyperlinking within OU Campus. Google Drive allows you to customize who has access to the file and is a great way to secure documents. 

While naming documents in text on your webpage, only provide the file extension type if the file is a binary file: photos, logos, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Example: "Document Name [file type]"


1. While editing a page, click Edit near the text you want to add the downloadable Google Drive document to

Editing page featuring edit icons


2. Write the document's name and filetype, and highlight them. Example: Document Name [docx]

Editable text featuring selected text


3. Click Insert/Edit Link

Insert/edit link icon selected in toolbar


4. Open a new window within your web browser, log in to your SJSU email, and navigate to your Google Drive


5. Upload the document to Google Drive

Uploaded document on Google Drive


6. Right-click the file, and select Get Shareable Link

Edit menu expanded with share selected


7. Adjust the Sharing Settings if you need to, and copy the link

Embed code selected in Google Drive


8. Return to the OU Campus window within your web browser, and paste the link into the URL textbox

Insert link menu with embed code pasted


9. Click Ok

Insert link menu's ok icon