Embedding Facebook

This tutorial details how to create Facebook assets to embed posts onto your webpage. If you are interested in embedding other types of Facebook content, refer to Facebook's support on embedding using the steps entailed in this tutorial. 

Please refer to the using assets page prior to performing the following steps.


1. Navigate to create a new asset, and click +New

New asset icon


2. Click Web Content

New asset menu with web content selected


3. Add descriptive information to the Facebook asset, and adjust settings if necessary

Asset info and access settings menu with filled textboxes


4. Open a new window within your web browser, and login to Facebook

Facebook's login bar


5. Navigate to the post that you want to embed. Click the downward arrow, and click Embed

Facebook post with dropdown menu expanded and embed selected


6. Copy the embed code provided by Facebook

Facebook post embed code selected


7. Open the OU Campus window in your web browser, and navigate to the Asset Content window

Asset content textbox and menu


8. Click Edit HTML Source

Asset content's edit html source icon selected


9. Paste the embed code provided by Facebook into the HTML Source Editor

Facebook post embed code pasted into html source editor


10. Click Update

Html source editor's update icon


11. Click Create



12. While editing a page, click Edit where you want to embed the post

Editing page featuring edit icons


13. Click Insert Asset

Insert asset icon selected


14. Navigate to and select the Facebook asset

Specified Facebook asset selected


15. Click Insert

Select asset menu's insert icon