Using Assets

Assets, like snippets, are reusable content or source code. For example, assets can be forms, plain text, source code, image galleries or web content. Since making requests to use them are not required, it is preferred to utilize an asset instead of a snippet. For more information regarding assets, refer to Omniupdate's guide on assets.


1. Set your cursor on the Content dropdown menu

Content dropdown menu selected


2. A dropdown menu should appear. Now, click Assets

Content dropdown menu expanded with assets selected


3. Click +New

Creating new assets icon


4. Determine and click the type of asset you need to create

New asset menu featuring different categories of assets


5. Insert a unique name and a specific description for the asset

Asset info menu featuring parameters


6. Click Create

Asset info menu create icon


7. While editing a page, click the Edit button near the text where you want to insert an asset

Editing page featuring edit icons


8. Now, click Insert Asset

Insert asset icon featured in toolbar


9. Select the asset that you would like to insert

Select asset menu featuring selected specified asset


10. Click Insert

Select asset menu's insert icon