Embedding Images

1. Find and click the Pics folder in the parent page's directory

Pics folder selected in OU Campus


2. Click Upload

Pics folder featuring upload icon


3. Either click +Add or drag the file in

Upload menu featuring files "+add" icon


4. When finished adding images to the queue, click Start Upload

Upload menu's start upload icon


5. Click Close

Upload menu successful upload and close icon


6. Now, navigate to the page you want to insert the image to. Determine and click near the area on the page where you want to insert an image

Editable text featured while editing a page


7. Click Insert/Edit Image

Insert/edit image icon


8. Click the folder icon within the Insert/Edit Image window to search for your uploaded image

Insert/edit image menu with search icon


9. Navigate to and click your uploaded image

Select image with specified image selected


10. Click Insert

Select image menu's insert icon


11. Add a description, adjust the dimensions, and click Ok

Insert/edit image menu's ok icon