OU Campus Forms

1. Set your cursor on the dropdown menu Content, and click Assets

Content dropdown menu with Assets selected


2. Click +New

Create new asset button


3. Select Form

Asset menu with form selected


4. Insert a unique name and a specific description for the form asset

Create asset with blank textboxes


5. Add form elements, and add email, failure, and success messages to your needs

Create asset menu featuring elements and blank textboxes


6. When you add form elements, provide clear labels and names.

Form element with filled textboxes


7. When satisfied with your form, click Create

Create form button


8. While editing your page, click the Edit button near the content you want to add the form

Editable page featuring edit button


9. Click Insert Asset

Insert asset button selected in toolbar while editing


10. Select your created form

Select asset menu with example form selected


11. Click Insert

Insert asset button


12. Click Publish

Publish button while editing page


13. Click Save

Save button selected


14. Click Publish

Final publish button for page selected


15. This is an example of how a form with the above settings would look

Example form on page