Making Links Look Like Buttons

1. While editing a page, click the Edit button near the text where you want to create a link button at

Edit button while editing a page


2. Highlight the text to make into a link button by holding down left click

Selected text while editing a page


3. Click Insert/Edit Link

Insert/edit link button while editing page


4. Add the URL that you want to link the button to in the URL textbox. Adjust other settings to your needs

Insert link menu featuring URL in URL textbox


5. Click the dropdown menu Class, and select (custom)

Insert link menu featuring class dropdown menu expanded with custom selected


6. Type btn-basic in the textbox 

Insert link menu with custom class textbox filled


7. Click OK

Ok button finalizing link insertion


Note: The button will span across the page. Currently, there isn't a way to adjust the size of the button. An example of how this would look on a one column page is below.


Button Example