Uploading Documents

While naming documents in text on your webpage, only provide the file extension type if the file is a binary file: photos, logos, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Example: "Document Name [file type]"

Note: Uploading documents on OU Campus will be available to the public. If you need to archive documents, use a file system.


1. Find and click the docs folder in the parent page's directory

Docs folder selected for parent page


2. Click Upload

Upload button featured within docs folder


3. Either click +Add or drag the document into the window

Upload menu with uploading files icon "+Add"


4. When finished adding documents to the queue, click Start Upload

Upload menu featuring start upload icon


5. Click Close

Successful upload in upload menu with close icon


6. Navigate to the page and begin editing it. Now, highlight text by holding left click that could serve as a link to download your document.

Selected text while editing a page


7. Click Insert/Edit Link

Insert/edit link icon selected while editing a page


8. Click the folder icon within the Insert Link window to search for your uploaded document

Insert link menu featuring URL textbox and search icon


9. Click Docs

Select file menu with docs selected


10. Now, click your uploaded document

Select file menu with specified document selected


11. Click Insert

Select file menu's insert icon


12. Click Ok

Insert link menu with ok icon