Primary Navigation Bar

Looking at the Primary Navigation Bar, we notice that this feature serves as a bridge that connects the various pages of our website together.

OU Campus Primary Navigation Bar Example


The Primary Navigation Bar helps direct users throughout the site. It includes the Main Sections for that site. Think of it as a Phone Directory. A Phone Directory has Location Areas, then each Location Area is a Category, and within each Category is a specific business.

Likewise, in a Navigation Bar each Main Section represents a Location Area, within each Main Section is a Page and within each Page are specific links to other pages.


Editing the Primary Navigation Bar

1. Navigate to the index.pcf file for the page you need to edit, and click the Lightbulb to check out the page

OU Campus: Check Out Page


2. Set your cursor on the Edit dropdown menu

OU Campus Edit Dropdown Menu


3. A dropdown menu should appear. Now, click Properties

Properties in Edit dropdown menu


  • To change the name of how the page appears in the primary navigation bar, change the “Title

Title textbox in Page Parameters


  • To move the page to a different position within the primary navigation bar, change the value of the number in “Primary Nav order” to where you want the page to appear. Remember: The primary nav order is in ascending order with “01” being the first (left) value and “99” being the last (right) value

Primary Nav Order Textbox with Number


  • To remove the page from the primary navigation bar, keep “Primary Nav order” blank

Primary Nav Order textbox blank


4. Click Save

Save Button for page properties


5. Click Publish

Publish button for page properties


6. Navigate to and click primarynav.pcf for the parent page

OU Campus page file


7. Click Publish

Publish button for editing pages