Web Navigation

For our purposes, we’ll condense the definition of navigation as: displaying information on a webpage that helps guide users throughout site, making the information on the website accessible and easy to follow.

There are different types and styles of web navigation, and we’ll be implementing a few of them on our websites here at SJSU.

In the big picture, navigation can be thought of as this:

Top to Bottom: You have a home page, known as the parent page. Within the home page there are more pages known as child pages. Following the child pages you may have more pages depending on how complex the website is.


At the top of the website is the Home Page. The Home Page is the "parent" of various pages, and following the "child" pages are Main Sections of those pages.

Before you begin to create your website, it’s good to structure your website and figure out what features you’d like to add. Planning the navigation of a website helps to figure out what’s important and what’s not so important.