Creating Pages

1. Set your cursor on the dropdown menu Content

OU Campus content dropdown menu


2. A dropdown menu should appear. Now, click Pages

Content dropdown menu navigating to pages


3. Navigate to and click the folder that will be the parent directory for your new page

OU Campus navigating through page folders


4. Click +New

OU Campus creating new pages


5. Select the page type. You can edit the amount of columns later if you need to

New page using new content menu


6. Enter the following information:

OU Campus new page properties menu

  • Directory Name: Enter the directory name (lower-case characters without spaces)
  • Page Title: Enter the page title (no character restrictions)
  • Keywords: (optional)
  • Description: A description of what the page is about (optional, but recommended)
  • Meta Author: The name of the author of the page content (optional)
  • Primary Nav Order: The relative order that this page should appear in navigation list (01 is first, 99 is last)
  • Add Navigation Item: Yes, if you want the page to be in the automatically generated site navigation; No, if you want to manually create links to the page


7. Click Create

Create button for new page properties menu