Editing Pages

1. Set your cursor on the Content tab

OU Campus content dropdown menu


2. A dropdown menu should appear. Now, click Pages

Pages in content dropdown menu


3. Navigate to the index.pcf file for the page you need to edit. This .pcf file allows you to open and edit the content on the page

OU Campus webpage file


4. Click the Lightbulb icon to check out your page

Check out the lightbulb by clicking it

5. Set your cursor on Edit. A dropdown menu should appear. Now, click Page

Edit dropdown menu expanded selecting page


6. You should see a page with edit buttons. Click the Edit button near the content you need to edit to open the WYSIWYG Editor

Webpage featuring various edit buttons


7. The WYSIWYG Editor allows you to make edits to the content. When you are finished, click Page Check to check your page for errors

Page check checkmark icon


8. The Page Check menu helps you check your page for errors in spelling, links, and accessibility

Page check finalization menu


9. To check for spelling issues, click ABC Spelling

Spellcheck ABC Spelling icon


10. If there are results, click Show Results

Spellcheck ABC spelling icon with results


11. In the spell check results menu, we can choose to replace words or add them to the dictionary

Spell check results menu displayed

12. To add flagged words to the dictionary, click Add to Dictionary

Spell check results add to dictionary button


13. When you are finished checking for spelling issues, click Close

Spellcheck results menu results added to dictionary


14. The same process can be applied to Links. If there are errors in the link category, click Links. If there are no errors found, click Done

Page check menu with no errors


15. When we are done editing, we can choose to: save our draft, restore the previous version, or exit without saving

         Editing page save and exit button    Editing page restore last draft button    Editing page exit without saving button


16. Let's save our draft by clicking Save and Exit

Editing page save and exit


17. Click Publish

Editing page publish button


18. Click Save

Save button within save and publish menu


19. The Page Check will perform a final check of our page. If there are no errors, click Publish

Publish menu with final check and publish button