April Anacleto

April Anacleto.

Dean's Scholar

Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing
Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Why did you choose your major?

I chose to major in Business with a concentration in Marketing because I wanted to learn the best ways of setting myself apart from others with my future business endeavors. I have been a hairstylist for the past 9 years and plan to open my own hair salon soon after graduating. Although I have the technical skills required to run a salon, I knew that I needed to understand the business side as well if I want to succeed.

What does receiving this particular award mean to you?

I am beyond honored to be recognized as a Dean’s Scholar because I have worked extremely hard to get to this point. I started my educational journey at Cabrillo College which is the community college in my area. I attended Cabrillo for 4 years and have spent the last 2 years at SJSU all while working full time and building up my business. Although my life has been hectic with both working and going to school full time, I have always made it a priority to be the best student I can, to take advantage of my education, and to maintain a high GPA. It feels really fantastic to be recognized for all of my hard work. Thank you!

Who has had the greatest influence or impact on your life? In addition, tell us about a SJSU faculty member who contributed to your academic success.

My husband, Josh Anacleto, has always been my biggest support system and influence in life. When I mentioned that I wanted to go to school and get a business degree a little over 6 years ago, he was nothing but positive and supportive of the idea. He appreciates and values education and has believed in me from the very beginning. He has sacrificed a lot for me to be able to fulfill my dreams and goals and I am forever grateful for him.

Although I have had many wonderful professors during my time at SJSU, one that really shines through is Professor Reiko Kataoka. I have to say she has influenced me greatly. She teaches linguistics, which fulfilled a required area outside of my major, and her positive attitude, amazing ability to teach a difficult subject, and her passion for her students has truly inspired me. She instilled in me the desire to keep reaching for my dreams no matter how difficult or far fetched they may seem. She is a true testament to what a university professor should be!

Describe an experience that has shaped who you are today.

The day I decided to pursue further education after beginning my career is what truly changed my life. Since making the decision to begin my college journey, I now see very clearly exactly where I want my life and career to go. I have always wanted to be a business owner and now I am able to meld my two passions, cosmetology and business, together and couldn’t be more excited!

What would you say to other students to encourage or inspire them to attain academic excellence?

When you get to college, it is your responsibility to yourself to do the very best you can.  You owe yourself that! It isn’t just about getting decent grades, going through the motions and getting out to find a job. It is about learning who you really are and what you want in life. It is a journey through and through. Truly, it goes by like the blink of an eye and if you don’t stop and savor it every now and then you will miss it. Make the most of your time at SJSU, get involved, make contacts and enjoy the ride!

What makes you a Spartan?

I am a fighter. I always have been and always will be. I am dedicated and work hard for what I want in life. I never give up and I am proud to call myself a Spartan for life!

Nominated by Malu Roldan

Associate Dean, Lucas College and Graduate School of Business