Current Organized Research and Training Units

Accounting Advancement Center (AAC)

Links SJSU students and accounting professional firms; facilitates student networking and professional opportunities; sponsors student seminars on current accounting issues; and rewards excellence among students and faculty members through scholarships and grants.

Bay Area Retail Leadership Center (BARC)

Consists of a multilateral partnership between SJSU students, retail industry partners, and SJSU faculty, administration, and staff.  A program of Center-sponsored events brings constituents together in an effort to provide co-curricular, experiential learning opportunities designed to build students’ leadership skills as well as their awareness and knowledge about retailing as a career destination.

Biotechnology Education and Research Institute (BERI)

Directs the development of biotechnology through inter-departmental cooperation and serves as a clearinghouse; promotes cooperation between industry, government, and the university in biotechnology research and development. Contact the College of Science for more information.

Center for Applied Mathematics, Computations and Statistics (CAMCOS)

Provides an innovative educational program to develop training through practical experience.

Center for Applied Research on Human Services (CARHS)

Housed in the College of Health and Human Sciences, the Center provides support and services to SJSU faculty interested in applied human services research, including a Grants Academy, writing groups, statistical consultation, and methodological workshops.

Center for Asian Studies

Provides information and counsel about studies in Asia.

Center for Banking & Financial Services (CBFS)

Creates links between talented SJSU students and the banking and financial services industry in order to enhance student knowledge through curricular and extra-curricular activities. Assists the partner institutions in rewarding excellence among students and faculty members through scholarships, internships, and grants.

Center for Comparative Philosophy

Aims at promoting and enhancing the research and scholarship in comparative philosophy, the concerns of which cut across different disciplines as well as different areas of philosophy, for the sake of contributing to the academic mission of SJSU and the international scholarship of comparative philosophy.

Center for Human Language Technology (CHLT)

Supports the study of computational linguistics, acts as a resource for Silicon Valley technology industries, and explores applications of human language technology in industry, education, and society at large.

Center for International Sport and Human Performance

Promotes and facilitates cross-national and cross-cultural interaction of individuals and their ideas in the context of sport and human performance.

Center for Literary Arts of San José (CLA)

Provides programs featuring major contemporary writers, poets, and scholars.

Center for Organizational Resilience (COR)

Serves as Silicon Valley’s Center of Excellence for theory and practice in the emerging field of Resilience Management. COR supports a network of subject matter experts coalescing to provide resilience thought leadership and research and to disseminate leading practices to academia and the public and private sectors through training, seminars and a variety of digital channels.

Center for the Development of Recycling (CDR)

A national clearinghouse for recycling information and for applied waste management research aimed to increase the scope and availability of recycling information and to increase the effectiveness of recycling as a solid waste management strategy.

Center on Ethics

Facilitates the planning and coordination of research-related activities concerned with issues of professional and business ethics.

Collaborative for Disaster Mitigation

A proactive partnership of the public, private, and academic sectors to encourage and facilitate implementation of mitigation measures to minimize the consequences of natural and other disasters.

Early Childhood Institute (ECI)

Promotes equitable, high-quality, inclusive early learning experiences by 1) expanding and enhancing the training of early childhood professionals; 2) collaborating with campus and community partners to advance applied research; and 3) engaging in advocacy efforts that benefit educators, young children, and families.

Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC)

Housed in SJSU’s College of Business and Lucas Graduate School, its mission is advancing, fostering, and disseminating cutting-edge knowledge on global leadership and its development via diverse programs for scholars, students, and the community. GLAC has two innovative student programs unique to San Jose State: the GLLab, which is an assessment center for global competencies, and the Global Leadership Passport Program, a co-curricular program in which students earn stamps for activities that prepare them for global work. GLAC's Social Innovation Initiative leverages the symbiotic relationship among San José State University, social entrepreneurs, the City of San José, foundations, and other innovation organizations to encourage and train people to apply technology and innovation for the good of the local community.

Human Rights Institute (HRI)

Specializes in human rights research, journalism, and policy design. HRI students and faculty study pressing social problems and work with community organizations, stakeholders, and policy makers to inform and design solutions according to relevant scholarship, human rights law, and international best practices.

Institute for Metropolitan Studies

Facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise regarding urban problems and critical matters related to metropolitan development.

Institute for Modern Optics

Facilitates communication, collaboration, and coordination in the area of lasers and optics and promotes research projects in non-linear effects at surfaces, laser beam characteristics, two-wave laser mixing, holography, light emission from thin film tunnels, and laser spectroscopy.

Institute for Nursing Research and Practice

Promotes the climate of inquiry within the School of Nursing by coordinating and promoting research projects and interests of nursing faculty in order to develop innovative models for nursing research, practice, and education.

Institute for People and Performance (IPP)

Housed in Lucas College and Graduate School of Business, IPP aspires to be a center of excellence aimed at advancing knowledge of human capital management, through a combination of training, research, and engagement with industry and professional organizations.

Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change (ISSSSC)

Encourages, creates and facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration to illuminate the substance, dynamics, and significance of the institution of sport as a social sphere within which issues of power and ideology are created, reaffirmed and challenged. It is dedicated to research, analysis and education focused on the intersection of sport and social justice with activities guided by the theoretical, methodological and applied research perspectives and traditions of the sociology of sport.

Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies

The only research facility and document repository in North America dedicated solely to the study of the life of and performance of the works of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies

Houses one of the most extensive collections of the Nobel Prize-winning author's manuscripts, letters, photographs, and artifacts, fostering research concerning the life and work of the author.

Materials Characterization and Metrology Center (MCMC)

Provides materials imaging and chemical analysis capabilities for applications in various fields of science and engineering. Instruments are located in various buildings across campus.

Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI)

Focuses on international surface transportation policy issues as related to three primary responsibilities: research, education, and technology transfer. MTI receives policy oversight from an internationally respected board of trustees who represent all of the major transportation modes.

Research Institute for Foster Youth Initiatives (RIFYI)

Explores ways to eliminate barriers that current and former foster youth face in obtaining a suitable education. Research initiated through this institute will examine how to identify those factors that limit education for this special population and identify strategies to mitigate those limitations.

Silicon Valley Big Data and Cybersecurity Center (BDCC)

Directs the development of cybersecurity and big data research projects through multidisciplinary cooperation.  Serves as the clearinghouse and promotes cooperation between industry, government, and SJSU in research & development, policy analysis & development, and workforce training.

Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship (SVCE)

The purpose of the Center is to enhance engineering students’ educational experience and career prospects in the global context by cultivating a vital relationship between SJSU and international engineering education institutions. The activities of the Center are to develop, market, and implement educational cooperation programs to international universities and to work with various SJSU units to offer outreach activities around global engineering education.

Silicon Valley Center for Operations and Technology Management (SVCOTM)

A knowledge portal for sharing academic and industrial information related to operations, supply chain, and technology management among students, faculty members, and industry partners. It is also the point of training for supplying and supporting the professional needs of the industry. The Center will serve as a future knowledge hub through research on state-of-the-art topics relevant to the Center’s themes.

Sourisseau Academy

Promotes a better understanding of California's state and local history, with an emphasis on the history of Santa Clara Valley, through graduate scholarships and collections of historical source materials.