SJSU Funding

The Office of Research, the Center for Faculty Development, the SJSU Research Foundation, and the SJSU Tower Foundation collaborate to offer a variety of programs and resources designed to assist students and faculty in honing their research, scholarship and creative activity interests and initiatives. San Jose State University offers comprehensive resources to support the research endeavors of our faculty and students, from identifying internal and external funding opportunities and preparing proposals to managing awards and complex compliance requirements. At SJSU, a variety of opportunities abound to pursue a dynamic array of basic and applied research.

Research Development Launches Virtual Support Initiative for Researchers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has presented us with many challenges, but it has and will continue to present new research funding opportunities. The Research Development Team is here to help you apply for these COVID-19 related funding opportunities – as well as any other extramural funding.

Facilities and Administrative Rates (F&A) and Indirect Rates [pdf]

F&A is an important topic for our community to understand and benefit from.  Please find, in the link above, VPRI Mohamed Abousalem's communication for the SJSU Research Foundation Board of Directors to Academic Senate Chair Ravisha Mathur.

Funding Opportunities

Learn about the different funding opportunities available for student and faculty to pursue their research related activities at San Jose State University.

Finding Funding

Find assistance and training on how to write and develop grant proposals and when grant writing workshops are being held.

SJSU Research Foundation Resources