SJSU's RSCA Adapt Plan

We are currently in Phase 4 [pdf] of SJSU's RSCA Adapt Plan [pdf].

Phase 4 protocol will apply with the following provisions consistent with state guidance:

  • Physical distancing is no longer required in RSCA spaces or field research - RSCA spaces, vehicles, and boats may operate at 100% capacity (safety-mandated capacity limitations apply).

  • On-campus participation of RSCA volunteers and human research subjects is no longer restricted. All standard university policies and procedures regarding participation and campus access for non-SJSU-affiliates apply.

  • Face coverings or masks must be worn:

    - by unvaccinated RSCA project personnel at all times;

    - by all RSCA project personnel when indoors, except when alone in a private office with the door closed; and

    - by all RSCA project personnel when outside and it is difficult to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from others.

  • Sanitization protocols continue to be required.

  • Field research conducted at partner institutions may be subject to different physical distancing and face mask mandates, as determined by the host institution.

VPRI-Dean-EH&S approval of new or revised RSCA Project Plans is no longer required under Phase 4. RSCA leaders are no longer required to submit RSCA Project Plans or EH&S Checklists for approval.  However, all RSCA Leaders must:

  1. maintain at all times current project personnel lists (including volunteers and human research subjects), and work schedules for all on-campus and field RSCA,

  2. schedule/update their project personnel name list and work schedule with their College through their respective college-defined process,

  3. keep on file at all times current Project Personnel Acknowledgement [pdf] Forms from all project personnel and Volunteer / Human Subjects Acknowledgement [pdf] Forms from all on-campus project volunteers and human research subjects for all on-campus and field RSCA, and

  4. prior to starting or modifying the work for RSCA Project Plans involving:
  • human research subjects, obtain approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB),

  • animal research subjects, obtain approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and/or

  • lab work, submit Biological Use Authorization (BUA documents) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in accordance with the guidance and deadlines set forth by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), if applicable. 

VPRI approval of RSCA travel is no longer required.  Follow standard SJSU and/or SJSU Research Foundation travel authorization process. 

In Phase 4, all active RSCA projects are subject to immediate shutdown and reverting to Phase 1 [pdf] or moving to an intermediate phase with masks and reduced density at any point.

See the latest version of SJSU’s RSCA Adapt Plan [pdf] for details.   

The Plan