SJSU's RSCA Adapt Plan

We are currently in Phase 3 [pdf] of SJSU's RSCA Adapt Plan [pdf].

Update as of 4/21/2021

On-site and field RSCA projects that are approved by the VPRI and Dean are permitted to operate.  Any approved RSCA travel should follow the guidelines outlined in the California Department of Public Health advisory.   

Requests for new or modified RSCA Project Plans may be submitted for approval - see SJSU’s RSCA Adapt Plan for details.  Submission will be assessed critically to ensure project criticality and/or time-sensitivity (for priority), operation within the allowable space densities, and the appropriate health and safety measures. 

All approved RSCA Project Plans are subject to immediate shutdown and reverting to Phase 1 [pdf], if/when requested.

NOTE: RSCA Leaders of project plans previously approved under earlier phases of SJSU’s RSCA Adapt Plan wishing to increase vehicle/boat capacity during Phase 3 operation up to the allowed maximum occupancy prescribed are not required to submit a Project Plan change request. Proceed with the change within the allowed Phase 3 occupancy limits during Phase 3 only.

The Plan