Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) Communications, Reports and Plans

The Office of Research is responsible for providing the Campus Community with communications, reports, and plans that are related to RSCA activities.

2021-2022 Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Applications and Reporting Requirements

The University Faculty RSCA Assigned Time (AT) Program has been a fruitful investment and an effective mechanism to support the RSCA efforts of our faculty members.

Please note this year’s timeline, process, and requirements for new applications and productivity reports.

1. NEW APPLICATIONS (Awards starting in AY 2021-2022)


Faculty who had tenure when they started their RSCA AT program in AY 2018/2019 (Cycle 1) must submit a formal three-year report this year. All other probationary and tenured faculty currently participating in the RSCA AT program must submit an annual report.

Submission Details

Completed applications and reports (with the exception of RSCA Metric Data) should be compiled into one PDF file and must be submitted electronically to your college office (see email address below). RSCA Metric Data should be submitted in your college-specific format following your college guidance.

Please use the keywords “RSCA Assigned Time Application”, “RSCA Assigned Time Annual Report”, or “RSCA Assigned Time Three-Year Report” in the subject line of the email.

College College Office Email Address
Health and Human Sciences
Humanities and the Arts
Professional and Global Education
Social Sciences
University Library

Please contact or your College Associate Dean for Research (or equivalent position) for any questions or further clarification.

* For information on how to obtain an ORCID iD and set permissions, see  If you need assistance, please contact Librarian Yen Tran at

Additional Information

Optimizing RSCA Support [pdf]

The presentation from the Optimizing RSCA Support town hall is available here [pdf] (PDF).

Research and Creative Activity (RSCA) at a Glance - July 2017 [pdf]

A brief report on Research and Creative Activity for San Jose State University.

College RSCA Metric Report [pdf]

The Spring 2016 College RSCA Metric Report [pdf] is now available.

SJSU’s RSCA Plan: 2014-2016 Faculty and Student Intellectual Engagement and Performance [pdf]

At San Jose State, we are committed to providing research, scholarship and creative activity (RSCA) opportunities to both faculty and students. The outcomes of our RSCA engagements move disciplines forward, improve quality of life on local and global levels, provide experiences for students that support retention, build the reputation of our institution and bring in resources from outside agencies. To support this important priority on campus, we have created SJSU’s RSCA Plan: Faculty and Student Intellectual Engagement and Performance [pdf].

The goals and objectives set out in this strategic document build on the efforts we started with the 2014-16 Academic Affairs Working Plan RSCA and Professional Development Support priority group. The plan is informed by the priority group along with input from deans, RSCA-active faculty, the University Council of Chairs and Directors (UCCD) and university-wide town hall meetings.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Advisory Council

The SJSU RSCA Advisory Council provides strategic vision to advance the state of research, scholarship, and creative activities at San Jose State University.

F&A Reinvestment Program [pdf]

The RSCA (Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity) F&A and Reinvestment Program are explained in the memo from the VPRI to the Academic Senate.