Laxmi Ramasubramanian

Professor and ChairLaxmi Ramasubramanian

Urban and Regional Planning Chair

Current Research Activities

How to improve the quality of public engagement about complex urban problems; and how to innovatively use local/indigenous community knowledge to inform planning and policymaking. 

Research Connections to Current Events

I am working on two major topics: Environmental Sustainability and Gender, Equity, and Inclusion. The issue of environmental sustainability is central to much of what's going on these days - whether it was the wildfires in 2019 or the pandemic in 2020 or the impending challenges of sea level rise and the harm on vulnerable coastal communities in coming decades. I am also working on the challenges facing academic women in GIScience. We cannot be effective in STEM fields if we don't address issues of equity and diversity.

Personal Connections to Research

I am a critical reflective practitioner.  This means that my research agenda is shaped by my lived experiences and my teaching. I am inspired by activists who seek to make the world a better place.

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