Student Union

Diaz Compean Student Union Walking Directions

From 7th Street Garage:

  • Exit the 7th Street garage and head northwest on 7th Street for about 400 ft.
  • The Student Union is across from the Central Classroom Building on the right.

From 10th Street Garage:

  • Exit the 10th Street garage and cross the street at the intersection of San Fernando Street and 9th Street.
  • Enter onto campus and head southeast down the walkway.
  • The Student Union is the large building on the right, across from the ATMs.


Student Union Building Map

Upper Level

SU Upper level

1. Ballroom 5. UndocuSpartan Resource Center
2. Meeting Rooms 6. Associated Students Government
3. Student Union Administration 7. Associated Students Print and Technology Center
4. Student Union Event Services  


Ground Level

SU Ground level

8. College of Professional and Global Education 18. African-American/Black Student Success Center
9. Union Square Dining 19. César Chávez Community Action Center
10. Faculty/Staff Dining Lounge 20. Subway
11. Information Center 21. U.S. Bank
12. Welcome Center 22. Veteran's Resource Center
13. Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center 23. Spartan Bookstore
14. Student Involvement 24. MOSAIC
15. Pride Center 25. IDEA Lab
16. Gender Equity Center 26. Associated Students Transportation Solutions
17. Student Organization Club Space 27. Associated Students General Services


Basement Level

SU Lower level

28. Bowling Center 30. Lounge Area
29. Starbucks 31. Student Union Theater