Virtual International Partners (VIP) Programs

Virtual International Partner (VIP) programs provide San José State University students the opportunity to learn about another culture while communicating with an international partner for a semester-long virtual exchange. Participants are connected with partners and virtually meet for multiple sessions throughout the semester to have discussions on a variety of topics (e.g., food, holidays, family, school, etc.) and learn about each other, while reflecting on their learning along the way. Students can either take a one-unit course alongside the program (currently only offered to College of Health and Human Sciences students) or participate in a non-credit-bearing version. The programs run in both fall and spring semesters.

VIP Programs are great for students who want to:

  • Learn about another culture and university life around the globe
  • Reflect and share about their own culture
  • Build valuable skills in communication and reflection
  • Make a new friend and expand their global network
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Have a global learning experience that doesn’t involve travel

This is also a great opportunity for those who are thinking about studying abroad. Meet someone in your desired location or explore a new country through making a friend to help you decide! 

There are two types of programs:

VIP (CHHS): The VIP (CHHS) program connects students enrolled in the College of Health and Human Sciences with international students enrolled at SJSU or a partner university for a semester-long virtual exchange. Throughout the semester, participants take a one-unit course (CHHS 198ITL) to reflect on what they are learning and discuss their identities as global citizens. This program will fulfill the CHHS International Experience requirement. Students must first meet an advisor in the CHHS Student Success Center and submit a petition to participate; visit the CHHS website for more details on the petition process. 

VIP (Non-Credit): The VIP (Non-Credit) program is a free extracurricular program that offers the opportunity to connect with an international partner at SJSU or partner university for a semester-long virtual exchange, without enrolling in an academic course. In addition to partner conversations, there will also be opportunities to connect with fellow program participants and reflect on what they’re learning along the way. It is completely free and it is not a class - it's a great opportunity to engage in a fun cultural exchange, learn something new and make a new friend!

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